Lake Braddock v Soco, So many epic games.   The Stallions and Bruins get together and it's crazy every time.    Today, Soco came into this game 12-0 and it was a slugfest for most of the first half.     Billy Edwards hit Matthew Hibner to open the scoring in the first quarter.    Lake Braddock led 7-0.     But, not long after that, Matty "ICE" Dzierski hit Brock Spalding on one of three touchdowns through the air to Spalding on the day.    That tied it up.    Just before halftime the Stallions kicked a field goal to take a 10-7 lead and they never trailed again.    Dayshawn Coleman has been telling us all season long to stay tuned!    Well today, he, Zion Dayne, Haris Kahn, Akibu Koroma, Tyler Simms, and Dorian Mitchell took turns sacking the quarterback.    

Literally, they stuffed the Q repeatedly today and shut down a Bruin offense again that has a very talented Quarterback, running back and two very good recievers including an ESPN300 Tight End in Matt Hibner.      

"We've played three stars, we've played four stars, and we've got no stars, but we beat 'em all"  Head Coach, Gerry Pannoni told me as he talked about how his players rally around Matty Ice and Zion Dayne.    Zion is 6'3  240 lbs of man.   He is committed to Yale to play football in the fall of 2020, and he is an anchor on a defensive front that has just caused havoc all of 2019 so far.      Brock Spalding had 3 touchdown grabs with runs after catch on all three.     He is speedy, athletic and has great hands.    The SOCO team will face the Westfield Bulldogs in Chantilly next weekend for the State Semi-final matchup and a chance to head to Hampton University on December 14, to play for the State Title.