★Cooking Collection Part 2★
0:13​ Jeolbokki
JJOLBOKKI (Korean Chewy Noodle + Tteokbokki) & Gimbap (Korean Rice Roll)

2:00​ Kalguksu bibimmyeon, fried dumplings
Bibim kalguksu (spicy cold noodles) ☆ Fried Shrimp Dumplings

4:20​ Osam Bulgogi
Osam Bulgogi (Spicy Iron Grilled Squid & Pork Belly With Rice)

6:27​ Steamed pork ribs
Galbi jjim (Melting in Mouth PORK RIBS)

9:15​ BBQ pork ribs
BBQ Pork Back Bone Ribs (ft.Beer) ☆ Korean Style Chilli Sauce

12:10​ Kimchi Dumpling Hot Pot
Kimchi mandu jeongol (Korean Stew with Kimchi & Dumplings)

14:01​ Sausage and vegetable stir-fry
Korean Sausage Stir Fry & Super Cheesy Corn

16:08​ Gochujang Kalguksu
Gochujang kalguksu

18:11​ Seaweed cucumber cold soup
Cold Seaweed & Cucumber Soup

19:52​ Kimchi Pizza Tang and Suyuk (Gimpitang)
Kimchi + Cheese + Tangsuyuk (Korean Sweet & Sour Pork)

22:10​ Assorted grilled fish, kimchi bean sprout soup
Assorted Grilled Fish 🐟 (ft.Kimchi Mung Bean Sprout Soup)

24:23​ Salad Pasta
Pasta Salad (ft.Mouth Melting Grilled Beef)

26:35​ Chadol miso noodles, miso rice
Doenjang Guksu (Soya Bean Soup With Rice (ft. Noodle)

★Today's menu is HAMZY’s Cooking COMPILATIONS PART 2★

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