86% cutscenes, 14% actual boss battles. Yes, I counted.

SMBF on Epic Games Store: 

Bosses in video:

[00:00​] 1.
 Big Slugger
[02:04​] 2.
[05:05​] 3.
 Lab Guardian
[09:43​] 4.
 Dr. Fetus
[16:38​] 5. Omega Alpha

Just like in games such as Katana Zero or Ghostrunner, having no health means that the showdowns with bosses are very short. And in SMBF you only have checkpoints for regular stages, but not for bosses. Still, while this video is short, figuring out how to beat the boss will take some of your time.

Normal stages are much harder compared to bosses, same as in the original Super Meat Boy game. But in the sequel, the stages are randomly generated, apparently. Or at least some elements are.

I know this video is not a challenge, but I don't really want to record anything else. I'm much more interested in playing the upcoming DLC for the Binding of Isaac. But hey, at least I can upload TWO videos in one week! Isn't that great?