Here it is! Part 1 of my Gouache Tutorial!
This first video (out of 4) covers all the basics of gouache, how it compares to acrylic and watercolour, what the best supplies, paper and brushes to use with it are, to use with it, and helps you put together a basic paint kit.

NOTE : I was commissioned to create this tutorial for Strathmore in 2019, as part of an artist workshop, and I am now able to share it on my channel!
I hope you will enjoy it, don't hesitate to leave a comment if you do, or if you have questions!
This video is NOT SPONSORED by Strathmore or any of the brands featured in it, although all the materials I am using were provided to me by Strathmore for the purposes of this video series. 


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All the items below are things I use regularly myself, and use in this video. 

⁎ Prismacolor Colerase Pencils :​ (UK)  /​ (US)
⁎ Palomino Blackwing Pencils :​ (UK) /​ (US)
⁎ Faber Castell Grey Eraser :​ (UK) /​ (US)
⁎ Lyra Watercolour Pencils :​ (UK, 36 count) /​ (US, 72 count)
⁎ My ceramic palette :​ (UK) 
⁎ Daler Rowney Aquafine Gouache :​ (UK) /​ (US)

 This course was commissioned by STRATHMORE PAPERS as part of their 2019 Artists Workshop Series. 
This video is NOT SPONSORED in any way by Strathmore. 
All papers, paints, and brushes in the video were supplied by Strathmore for the purposes of creating this workshop, however, I do personally endorse these products myself as I use them for my personal work too.