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This is my most ambitious project yet.

Hiya! This video has been in the works for around two years and most of the research was done by myself across many of my older videos with my rubbishy mic. Longtime subscribers will appreciate this video. I was spending too much time trying to perfect everything so I decided to just move on and deal with it so the video could be complete. Otherwise, it would be May and this video would be halfway done haha. 

EqualsPeach is my number one inspiration for how I structure my videos. I started doing scripted commentary videos because of his Top 10s so I'm honored that he agreed to do this video with me. He's arguably a better Galaxy player than me so I should've asked him to help me with footage lol.

And yeah, the footage. I rerecorded most of the stars which took way too long (hence why star count was censored, didn't want you to know if it was possible or not). Some parts are taken from the stream because I was just not able to rerecord them without getting myself demotivated from the universe and everything within it. There's also the Hightail Falls clip which I prepared in advance and then later changed the presentation style. Oopsie woopsie! 

If this video does well, I'll make a video on which stars are impossible and what the maximum transformationless star total is. Sorry for the wall of text, haha!


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