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The old has gone the new This kind of thing can happen in all circles, not love. (Wrong channel? Nia ..) But for the game industry itself, it is not different Because back ten years ago
We may not be seeing a lot of Battle Royale games or all kinds of mobile games like today. But an interesting question is Among the new additions Are there any games that disappear along the way? Get ready and we go back in time together.

Time Index
0:00 The return of Extreme Sport?
2:26 Point and Click change
4:31 Line 1: Sports outside the rules.
8:59 GUFUNNAROCK x Sicom
9:27 Line 2: Walk and shoot at the end.
12:04 Line 3: Bloody Road
14:18 Series 4: Guitar Shifter
18:01 Line 5: Flea and kidnap