All Castles in Super Mario 3D World on Nintendo Wii U (4 Players)

00:00​ World 1-Castle - Bowser's Highway Showdown
05:11​ World 2-Castle - Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade
09:06​ World 3-Castle - The Bullet Bill Express
12:39​ World 4-Castle - Lava Rock Lair
16:46​ World 5-Castle - King Kathunk's Castle
20:54​ World 6-Castle - Bowser's Bob-omb Brigade
24:57​ World Castle-Castle - Bowser's Lava Lake Keep
31:18​ World Bowser-Castle - The Great Tower of Bowser World

Compilation of all final castle levels in each world for Super Mario 3D World on the Nintendo Wii U. Below is a playlist with all of our compilations for this game

Super Mario 3D World Compilations:​