Welcome to The Entire Universe 13 Arc involving the complete side story of the Universe 13 Angel Merno Vs Rycon in Universe 7! This Beyond Dragon Ball Super Kai Story brings us along a NEW adventure with a vengeful deity, looking to get revenge for the destruction of his Universe by the hands of the Omni King along with his previous losses to Gogeta, Broly, Goku and The Grand Priest! As Rycon trains, he is later greeted by Merno who condescendingly asks if he would like to assist and join him on his quest in destroying the Multiverse. After Rycon declines, their battle begins! Merno is now awake and fully restored thanks to the clones endless battle across the multiverse!, We dive into a tragic story of betrayal, lust, revenge and power as Merno/Vodkaer takes center stage in wanting payback for his downfall. With Rycon doing everything he could, can he win? Be sure to subscribe for more daily Dragon Ball Content!

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