Song Actually I Hurt
Operated by Lom Hide Rak
Artist Nadech Kugimiya
Composer: Narongwit Techatanawat
Composed/Arranged: Paramet Muensanit
"Actually, it hurts me" for the first time with tearing the sad singing style of "Nadech Kugimiya", a good-humoured young hero. The owner admitted that it was extremely difficult. to reach the mood of the music wanting to convey the feeling of pain A plea to the woman she loves so much. to forgive the past and ask for love back
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In the past it seemed I never cared. Looks like I don't have a heart Good but it hurts to bruise
I hate myself even though I know I will still do it. It hurts repeatedly every day. I want to apologize for doing too much
* Secretly worried about you, you know? not that i don't love What I've done is hurting me too.
** The more I see you have tears The more it reminds me, the more it hurts.
want to walk in I want to wipe her tears before anyone else
The more you bully her only reflected back
If you still love please don't leave me can you forgive me
In the past it seemed to me that I was fine. You know I'm sorry but don't know what to say
The more you hurt someone you love, the more it hurts. It's like breaking a heart of myself to be destroyed
(Repeat */ **/ **)