Here's a showcase of all transformations in Xenoverse 2, but which one should you use for your build?

Note that the Strike modifiers shown throughout the video also effect your basic attacks.

Saiyan Strike= SS3 for Strike/auto attack builds because of the 20% increase in Strike and 15% def. (Male, biggest size)

Saiyan Blast= Super Vegeta 2 for 18% increase in Blast. (Female, smallest size)

Female Majin= Use Potential Unleashed, don't bother making a male Majin.

Namekian= Use Potential Unleashed unless you spec 100% into basic attacks and stamina.

Male Earthling= If you're a basic attack/stamina build go for Nimbus, if you want to go the Blast route go for a Female Earthling.

Female Earthling= Use Potential Unleashed since you're going for a Blast build.

Frieza= If you're playing a Blast build use Golden Form, if you want to go for a Strike build use a different race.

Note that these are just recommendations based on my experiences. There's also going to be balance patches in the future so all stats might not be the same half a year from now!

Thanks to zxDredrick for all the stats!​

Thanks to Emerald_Lance for a great guide on how to unlock all of them!​


Kaioken 00:00​
Kaioken x3 00:09​
Kaioken x20 00:18​

Super Saiyan 00:40​
Super Saiyan 2 00:57​
Super Saiyan 3 01:10​

Super Vegeta 01:30​

Future Super Saiyan 01:57​

Potential Unleashed 02:18​

Purification 02:42​

Giant Namekian 03:58​

Golden Form 04:44​

Flying Nimbus 05:43​