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That Vegan Teacher is someone we have spoken about a lot recently. That Vegan Teacher is basically a TikTok vegan teacher who has recently been exposed to a lot of drama with Minecraft streamer TommyInnit who is known for his Minecraft videos with Dream SMP, Wilbur, Quackity and many others.. Today we are going to discuss That Vegan Teacher's tiktoks and videos about LGBT people, and why I think it's wrong.

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In this video I will stray away from the TommyInnit drama for a little bit, mainly because I want to join Dream Team SMP and i don't think making a million TommyInnit videos will help my case. But I want to discuss why I believe That Vegan Teacher's videos are just incredibly problematic, and borderline Dangerous. A lot of creators Like Daz Games and D'Angelo wallace have been speaking about that vegan teacher lately, but I don't think anyone other than D'Angelo has really dived in the problematic tiktoks that the vegan teacher has made. Goodbye DreamSMP, Hello LGBT drama.