This Is What Twilight Scenes Would Look Like Without The Supernatural Effect! 

The Twilight franchise is a beloved series that once dominated the zeitgeist, and, over a decade after the first movie, still intrigues fans across the globe. There’s a lot of curiosity regarding how CGI was used in making the Twilight Saga one of the most visually stunning and detailed series to date. Also, what did filming in real time look like to the actors and the crew, before movie magic took over in post-production?

Let’s explore some key moments in the series, from how they made Robert Pattinson’s skin sparkle to filming intense battle sequences to the still controversial use of CGI to create little Renesmee Cullen. What would Twilight look like without all the special effects that made the finished product what it is? 

0:00​ - Intro 
00:29​ - Edward's Sparkle
1:09​ - Filming The Tree Scenes
2:04​ - The Iconic Vampire Baseball Scene
2:34​ - Jacob’s Werewolf Transformation In New Moon
3:07​ - Bella’s Showdown With The Werewolves
3:44​ - The Chase Scene With Victoria In Eclipse
4:12​ - Petting Jacob As A Wolf In Eclipse
4:51​ - The Lumber Yard Scene With The Werewolves
5:21​ - Creating Baby Renesmee’s Face With CGI 
5:47​ - Aging Actress Mackenzie Foy 
6:21​ - Renesmee Riding On The Back Of Jacob 
6:52​ -  Filming The Epic Final Battle 
7:17​ - The Vampires And Werewolves Fighting Together.
7:47​ -  Bella Transforming Into A Vampire 
8:16​ - Edward Stopping The Van From Hitting Bella


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Written by: Cortney Warner
Narrated by: Mia Jabara
Edited by: Eduardo Garcia

For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]