Extra characters: https://youtu.be/f_0GiJYvB2M​

Beelzebub: https://youtu.be/2-rKeaJ8SJY​
Asmodeus: https://youtu.be/ZMG-5eYRLGs​
Mammon: https://youtu.be/fGYJ8hqbqxI​
Lucifer: https://youtu.be/iIj07LL57RA​
Leviathan: https://youtu.be/V7yrJwYikl8​
Satan: https://youtu.be/IsnFheH6xMk​
belphegor: https://youtu.be/3aaI-Rd4X8I​

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Obviously none of the music or images belong to me,i’ve only edited them togheter

P.S:The point of this is a 'what would their voices be'.I'm aware some songs may not represent them correctly to some people,but this is just opinions!the first point of this was not to represent them or their themes,it was to find a fitting voice and a song that they wouldmost likely enjoy/sing.NOT a theme song!