Mario takes on crazy battles in Smash bros and Pokemon's style, and more!

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Can you find:
3 more Rare candies (Mario's Pokemon moves calamity)
3 Mini fire goombas (Team Mario vs Giant fire Paragoomba)
3 Cakes (Mario vs Bowser but with Minecraft physics)
Princess Zelda and Princess Peach (Mario vs Link 100 pot smash)

Characters and Music by Nintendo/Tater-Tot Tunes/Mikah/Rakohus/TheLegendOfRenegade/Paulygon/Triss/Mattriost/Bulby/HeatleyBros

Castle boss remix by Tater-Tot Tunes:​

SMW athletic remix by Mikah:​

SMW Athletic theme remix by Rakohus:​

SMB1 castle remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:​

Mario Sunshine boss remix by Tater-Tot Tunes:​

NSMBW overworld remix by Paulygon:​

Team rocket motto remix by Triss:​

NSMB underground remix by TheLegendOfRenegade:​

Hyrule field 8 bit remix by Mattriost:​

Majora's Mask battle theme remix by Bulby:​

8 bit summer short (outro theme) by HeatleyBros:​

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