In this video you will learn to create a WordPress website from scratch ( Step by Step For Beginners ).

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Wordpress in Hindi Tutorial Playlist:​

 This Tutorial video is divided into 12 sections

00:00:00​ Section 0: Introduction 
00:05:55​ Section 1: WordPress Installation
00:20:04​ Section 2: Search and Install Theme
00:24:18​ Section 3: Install Required Plugin
00:40:24​ Section 4: Create Page and Menu 
00:46:00​ Section 5: Customize Theme With Theme Option
00:58:10​ Section 6: Create Footer
01:07:36​ Section 7: Create Home Page
01:56:02​ Section 8: Create About Page
02:13:54​ Section 9: Create Services Page
02:41:30​ Section 10: Create Blog Page
02:54:35​ Section 11: Create Contact page
03:10:10​ Section 12: Migration to server 

Creating an online presence for a business or professional portfolio can be done quickly and simply through a content management system (CMS) like WordPress.

Learn the easier and faster way to create a website. Step by step with no step skipped.  We use the most popular platform WordPress to make a professional website.

WordPress tutorials for beginners in Hindi/Urdu -  A Complete Training of How to make a WordPress website. By this tutorial series you will learn step by step How to create a website in WordPress. Building a website in WordPress is very easy task because you only have to install and activate plugins according to your website requirements. 

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In this Video Tutorial series I will give you full training about WordPress from basic to advance level with easy and best explanation.