HobbyPig and HobbyDad play Bowser's Fury for the first time.  This game is like no other SUPER MARIO game.  First off, Princess Peach isn't even in trouble this time.  Strangely enough,  It's BOWSER JR. that needs your help to find out what is wrong with his dad BOWSER.  for some strange reason a dark ooze has turned our lizard villain into a GIANT GODZILLA like beast.  It's almost like VENOMs black liquid alien has boosted Bowser 1000 fold.  We land in a land where there cats are everything.  The trees the bushes the birds and all cat like.  A slug is covering the map and it's up to us to clean it all up and battle the Bowser.... and his FURY.

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Game Info:
 Bowser's Fury played on the Nintendo Switch

Music by: Epidemic Sound