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This is a how to video for beginners on an introduction to technical analysis. A lot of new traders are confused by technical analysis and some avoid it altogether. This is the ultimate beginner's guide to technical analysis where all new traders should start. After watching this video you will have a better grasp on technical analysis, how to chart stocks, oscillator indicators such as the MACD, RSI, moving averages, and the concept of support and resistance levels on stock charts. If you feel like you are always buying at the high it's because you probably don't have a good sense on how to read stock charts and how to do technical analysis. Watch the best beginner's video on how to do technical analysis and how to read a stock chart here. You will also learn about stock chart patterns. Technical analysis tutorial for beginners.

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0:00​ Intro to technical analysis
5:08​ Price candles & moving averages
12:24​ Momentum indicators
13:58​ Chart patterns

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