First mario enters into a battle royale featuring 127 other Mario's, then he gets right in the middle of a Goomba battle royale!
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MARIO VOICE BY: officialxau (From Fiverr)

SPRITES: Tileset, Thwomp, Mario (Players), Scarecrow Mario (Base) - Nintendo

Mario (Modern Palette), Bowser's Airship, Mario Custom Sprites, Luigi, Piranha goomba, kirby goomba, sub zero bowser, samus bowser, koopa bowser, toad - Level UP

Custom Powerups, Custom Block, Mario Custom Sprites, Scarecrow Mario (NES), Infected Mario Extended Sprites, Cards, Laptop, Cappy, Toad Custom Sprites - Pixelcraftian

Gweenie (Hatless Mario), Mario Powerups (Beside Fire, Small, Weird and Big), Mario Custom Sprites, Toad - AwesomeZack (MFGG)

Mario Custom Sprites - Mario Multiverse (Mario Fan-Game)

Mario Body Parts - Tarkan809 (MFGG)

Infected Mario - Yoshishperpaa (Found on​)

MUSIC: ValtteriValtteri24 - Super Mario Maker - Mario 1 Airship Theme - 16-Bit Remix MetalKingBoo - MARIO SCREAMING Loeder - Battle Stadium 8-BIT - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe AdulescensFMusic - Super Mario 64 - Koopa's Road (Orchestral Remake) New Version! Tater-Tot Tunes - Vs. Dark Star (8-Bit Remix) - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story DX 

Bowser's castle MKWII remix by Tater-Tot-Tunes:​

Paper mario battle theme remix by Tater-Tot-Tunes:​

8 Bit power by heatleybros (outro theme)​

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