What if every level in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury made Mario bigger, except just his face and hands got bigger? It's as funny as it sounds, and it's hilarious to see Mario with gigantic hands and a huge face! In this custom Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury mod, Mario grows larger every time you complete a level, starting at World 1, and you see every Mario cutscene with this giant Mario! We start off with Mario at double size (face and hands), and Mario's face and hands get bigger every time you complete a level!

Today we start off with Mario's face/ hands at double size at the start of the game (title screen/ intro cutscene) and Super Bell Hill (World 1-1)! Mario is three times bigger in Koopa Troopa Cave, Mario is 4 times bigger at the Chargin' Chuck Blockade, 5 times bigger at Mount Beanpole, Mario is 7.5 times bigger at Plessie's Plunging Falls, and Mario is 10 times bigger at Switch Scramble Circus! At the World 1 Castle, Bowser's Highway Showdown (and the game cutscenes), Mario is increased up to 15 times bigger than normal! In World 2, Mario starts off at 20 times bigger than normal (face and hands), and by the end, his face and hands are 1000 times larger than normal.

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Intro/ explanation - 0:00
Bigger Mario face/ hands game intro cutscene 0:12
Super Bell Hill Mario with bigger face/ hands (World 1-1) - 0:32
Koopa Troopa Cave Mario with bigger face/ hands (World 1-2) - 1:13
World Map Mario bigger face/ hands - 2:04
Chargin' Chuck Blockade Mario with bigger face (World 1-A) - 2:14
World Map Mario + Mount Beanpole (World 1-3) - 2:37
Bigger Mario in the World Map - 3:31
Plessie's Plunging Falls Bigger Mario (World 1-4) - 3:40
World Map giant Mario - 4:41
Switch Scramble Circus giant Mario (World 1-5) - 4:53
World Map giant Mario + Castle - 5:56
World 1 Castle Cutscene with giant Mario - 6:21
Bowser's Highway Showdown huge Mario (World 1-Castle) - 6:30
Title Screen with gigantic Mario - 7:38
World Map + clear pipe giant Mario - 7:53
Conkdor Canyon with huge Mario (World 2-1) - 8:18
Giant Mario in World Map + Puffprod Peaks (World 2-2) - 8:48
World Map gigantic Mario face - 10:20
Shadow-Play Alley with giant Mario (World 2-3) - 10:34
Green stars Mario face World Map - 11:31
Title screen with huge gloves and Toad - 11:39
World Map gigantic Mario face - 11:50
Really Rolling Hills humongous Mario (World 2-4) - 12:06
Giant gloves on the Title Screen - 12:47
Mario huge gloves and face World Map - 12:57
Mystery House - 13:10
Huge cloud Mario on the World Map from huge gloves  - 13:23
Giant Mario Big Galoomba Blockade (World 2-A) - 13:45
World Map covered by Mario's gloves - 14:04
Double Cherry Pass (World 2-5) with giant Mario - 14:20
World 2 Castle cutscene with giant Mario - 14:53
Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade + Cannon box power-up (World 2-Castle) - 15:10
Boom Boom boss fight (World 2-Castle) - 15:49
Sprixie vs giant Mario - 16:03
Bigger Plessie - 16:13
Sprixie cutscene with giant faceless Mario - 16:30

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