👦Confectionery and baking edition
We made BEST 7 with a video that received a lot of love and attention from Food Kingdom. The part in the video without wearing a mask is the video before the disease. Thanks for watching, and always stay healthy.

0:00​ Korean Fat Macaroons (Views: 1.4 million)
9:33​ Filling various breads with cream (1.57 million views)
16:27​ Rainbow Bagel (1.77 million views)
30:28​ Making beautiful Japanese sweets (Views: 930,000)
36:54​ The biggest in the world! Homemade candy factory (Views: 790,000)
49:23​ The ultimate in tenderness! Castella (Views: 1.74 million)
55:25​ Overwhelming thickness! Fresh Milk Cream Donuts (Views: 3.33 million)