Ask and ye shall receive! I'm back with another eclipse video!

I feel like I wasn't in the best mindset while making this one so I'm sorry if it's not as funny. My family is going through some stuff which I don't want to get into, so I don't think I was in the right headspace. But like editing this video was also like an escape for me if that makes sense? 
lol anyway I hope y'all enjoy this one! Everyone has been nothing but kind and supportive and it makes me want to give back too. I'm gonna post some questions or maybe even a poll on my community tab so please be on the look out for that :)

Also remember to check out the twilight renaissance on tumblr! There's so many funny and brilliant people there. Take care of yourselves and stay safe out there if you're protesting!! Thank you for all your hard work! If anyone wants some more resources on the protests I have a link on my community tab as well. 

0:05​ - pretty much it “first time watching every twilight movie”
0:33​ - The flavor!!​

1:57​ - Y’all are going to jaaaiiilll​

2:17​ - “Some of Mark Lee’s most iconic quotes”​

2:39​ - Tyra banks screaming at a model​

2:45​ - Tiffany Pollard on Big Brother UK​

3:00​ - “We’ve met before” The Storytellers New Voices of the Twilight Saga (I have a playlist of all their short movies on my channel)​


5:49​ - Sana and Momo​

7:34​ - Electric Chair!​

7:53​ - What’s not clicking?​

0:08​ and 8:36​ - “Big Poppa” The Notorious B.I.G (slowed down)
0:25​ - “That’s so Raven” theme song
1:03​ and 1:23​ - “Fight! (remix)” Aests
2:35​ - “American Horror Story” theme song
3:16​ - mii music 
4:11​ - “Careless Whisper” George Micheal
4:19​ and 7:16​ - wii shop music
5:35​ - “Emo Boy” Ayesha Erotica
5:50​ - “Only” Nicki Minaj
5:54​ and 9:19​ - “Able Sister” Animal Crossing 
6:37​ - “Dominique” Soeur Sourire
7:55​ - “Just the two of us” Grover Washington jr. (slowed down)
8:32​ - “Beef flomix” Flomili
8:40​ - “Prom Song” Jenna Marbles
8:53​ - “Big Enough” Kirin J. Callinan
9:29​ - “Slide Around” Chance the Rapper ft. Nicki Minaj
9:40​ - “Bad Little Boy” Adventure Time
10:00​ - “Do it” Chloe x Halle