The Dark Side Of The Hype House That No One Knows About. What Does Charli D'Amelio Think About What's Going On Between Lil Huddy and Daisy Keech? 
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To outsiders, the Hype House might seem like a fun place to live. But the more fans learn about the inner-workings of the L.A. mansion, the more they begin to realize that the creator collective isn't all it's cracked up to be. Feuds are beginning to put a wrench in the Hype House's pristine reputation, and TikTokers are starting to speak out. Hype House has a total of nineteen members. However, as time goes by, TikTokers are starting to distance themselves from Thomas Petrou, who is turning out to be a lot like Jake Paul. 

Daisy Keech is bumping heads with Thomas and Lil Huddy, saying that she hasn't been getting the recognition she deserves. In this video from TheThings, we cover the real reason why Hype House is splitting up. We also talk about which members are staying by Thomas's side, and which ones are jumping ship with Daisy. 
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