with rain !! im back everyone !! a lot of chopin in this playlist hehe

Also I would like to just let you all know that although I do not mind it when people take inspo from my videos to make their own, I do ask for credit !! Please keep that in mind :)

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Mariage D' Amor 0:00​
The Swan 5:11​
Piano Concerto No.2 Shostakovich 8:18​
Edward Elgar Salut D'Amor
Nocturne in B flat op.9 no.1 17:37​
Chopin Nocturne op.9 no.2 23:22​
Rachmaninoff Pano Concerto No.2 Op.18 Moderato  27:52​
Eternal Slumber Yonder Dale 38:06​
Chopin Prelude in E minor 40:42​
Chopin Waltz in A minor Grande Valse Brilliante 43:26​
Swan Theme 49:46​
Scarbourogh Fair 52:46​
Tchaikovsky String Quartet No.1 op.11 56:15​
Nocturnal Waltz 1:04:49​

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