This video shows you how to free-hand draw on the Free Chrome digital drawing app, Chrome Canvas. Learn how to use the drawing tools and settings, how to create layers, and how to save your drawing as an image. Try the fun, simple drawing exercise to help you get comfortable drawing on this platform, and to help you practice using each tool. In the end you'll have a cool, funky sketch, and know how to get started on Canvas.  You'll know how to use the following tools: the pencil, the caligraphy pen, the marker, charcoal, and eraser, and learn how to create layers, fill the background color, and save the project as an image.

This will help you whether you are an artist, an art student, or an art teacher, and is perfect for virtual learning, distance learning, remote learning. Since Canvas is not interactive like Jamboard or Google Drawing, I use GoGuardian in combination with Google Meet, so I can present my screen while everyone is working so they can see what their friends are up to and can hear and see me helping them and their peers while they work. This helps build community, allows for creative idea sharing, and allows us to assist each other  with brainstorming, feedback, and problem-solving. Try this project out and have fun with it whether you are an artist, hobbyist, or art teacher. This video will be perfect for art teachers, art students, or homeschool students. 

Stay tuned for more fun and creative virtual, online art class lessons! 

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