So there’s a whole bunch of people in white coats out there in the world somewhere whose job it is to tell you about all the boring stuff you need to do all the time because it’s good for you. Otherwise you won’t get to live forever and go to the Alpha Century galaxy with all the other post mortals. One thing they always say we ought to do is exercise, and swimming is considered one of the best forms of exercise in the world. You just need water. But these eggheads obviously did not take into account the fact that while swimming is indeed really great cardio, you can also be pulled to the interminable Love craftean depths of the deep ocean by some horrifying sea monster. And that is not good for your health, let me tell you for nothing. Anyway, from the giant mashup tentacle beast to the fish that’s named after a ferocious big cat, here’s the 15 Most Dangerous Animals On The Beach!
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