In this video, We are explaining about Complete WordPress Tutorial for Beginners (Step by Step) - Full Course
Breakdown of Videos :  
Install Theme in WordPress on localhost    00:16:37​
Create a page in Wordpress      00:25:15​
Create a New Post in Wordpress    00:35:28​
Create a New Post in Wordpress     00:42:50​
Limit Posts per Page in Wordpress 00:52:58​
Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts in WordPress  00:58:26​
Set Any Page As Homepage in Wordpress  01:02:29​
Approve, Edit, or Delete Comments in WordPress  01:07:38​
Enable and Disable Comments In WordPress Pages And Posts  01:15:54​
Change Permalinks in Wordpress 01:21:02​
Widgets in Wordpress 01:28:58​
Image Gallery in Wordpress  01:37:37​
Change Logo & Title in Wordpress  01:45:15​
Mobile Menu using Free Plugin  01:50:12​
Create a Slider in WordPress Using Smart Slider Plugin 01:56:25​
Change Block Editor in WordPress 02:07:22​
Recent Posts With Thumbnails In WordPress  02:13:47​
RSS Feed on Your Wordpress Website 02:21:02​
WP News and Scrolling Widgets 02:30:54​
Testimonial Showcase Slider in WordPress 02:35:50​
Optimize & Compress WordPress Images using Smush Plugin  02:43:44​
Upload Wordpress Website Localhost to Live Server Using C Panel 02:50:41​
Create a Custom Menu Link in WordPress 03:09:05​
Social Media Icon to WordPress 03:12:53​
Custom Post Order in Wordpress 03:18:43​
Contact Form 7 in Wordpress  03:23:32​
Display Contact Form 7 Data in WordPress 03:34:09​
Display Contact Form 7 Data in WordPress 03:39:17​
Popup Message for Contact Form 7 in WordPress  03:43:49​
Google reCAPTCHA v3 with Contact Form 7 in Wordpress  03:48:19​
Open Contact Form 7 in Popup Using Free Plugin  03:52:45​
Install & Setup Easy WP SMTP in WordPress with Contact Form 7  04:00:00​
Datepicker in Wordpress 04:07:38​
Increase Maximum Execution Time in WordPress Website 04:13:07​
Google Translate in Wordpress Website  04:16:20​
Google Map in Wordpress Website 04:20:18​
Google Analytics Code in Wordpress Website 04:23:34​
Pre-loader in WordPress Site  04:26:36​
Remove WordPress Sidebar  04:29:40​
Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress Using Free Plugin  04:33:56​
Reset a WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin  04:37:01​
Disable Comments In WordPress 04:41:09​
Setup FAQ Section on Your WordPress Website  04:43:15​
Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress  04:48:27​
Change Your WordPress Admin User Name 04:51:50​
Google Fonts in Your WordPress Website  04:54:43​
Footer Copyright Credits In Any WordPress Theme  05:03:00​
Text Editor in WordPress with Elementor  05:07:39​
Column Layouts With Elementor 05:12:50​
Text Heading in WordPress with Elementor 05:17:31​
Image in WordPress With Elementor  05:21:37​
 Video in Wordpress with Elementor  05:24:16​
MAP in Wordpress with Elementor  05:28:56​
TABS in Wordpress with Elementor  05:31:10​
 Image Carousel Slider in Wordpress with Elementor 05:36:42​
Progress Bar in WordPress With Elementor  05:41:39​
Add Counter With Elementor    05:45:30​
Add Image Gallery Elementor in Wordpress  05:51:04​
Redirect Non-WWW to WWW URL in WordPress  05:57:52​
Disable File Editing Option Using 
WP-Config File in WordPress  06:02:23​
Add a New Users To Your WordPress 06:05:10​
Add Call Now Button on WordPress 06:12:34​
Add Scroll to Top Button on Wordpress 06:17:30​
create one page website on WordPress ( Elementor Page Builder pluing) 06:23:30​
How to Hide Breadcrumbs in Wordpress One Page Website  06:45:59​
Add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress Website  06:53:31​
How to change WordPress Admin URL (Free Plugin) 06:59:10​
How to Add Bing Maps to Wordpress Website  07:05:07​
How to Display Recent Tweets in WordPress  07:09:01​
Embed a Facebook Video in WordPress   07:17:12​
How to Crate a Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Page in Wordpress ( Elementor Plugin)  07:26:18​
How to Install WordPress in cPanel ( Softaculous Apps Installer)  07:36:36​
 How to Create Duplicate Page or Post in Wordpress  07:45:59​
How to add contact form using WPForm plugin  07:54:08​

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