Hello people! Here I come with another design of glasses for toasts with flowers, you can use them for the event you want, in this case I made it for a wedding. Hope you like!

C O N S E J O: Before starting to decorate it, it is preferable to clean the glasses with a cotton pad with sanitary alcohol to remove possible fingerprints and grease from our fingers, since in this case the adhesive will not fix well and may come loose. Once finished, I always pass the cotton to it again to eliminate the traces that remain from the manufacturing process =)

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- Crystal glasses (in this case they are champagne)
- Flowers (I use these made of paper, but you can use them made of fabric ... made of eva / foamy rubber. I do not recommend the natural ones because they will probably wilt before use and due to the heat of the silicone)
- Silicone gun, or a strong glue.
- Decorative elements (I used adhesive plastic gems of various sizes, but you can use the size of your preference)

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