Hello all my friends, we have finally arrived at the second EP.
There's a lot going on in this EP. Our town is developing very well.
The clip had already been cut much longer than expected. (Than the first EP, hahahahaha) Anyway, please watch and share together :-)

For this series I intend to play without mods to play at all. I will only use Graphic Mods which do not affect the Gameplay. The aim is to focus on two main things, that is: beauty (city plan, road, design. , Beautiful city decoration, looks pleasing to the eye) and good management (Managing the city not to be ruined, has a non-negative working capital, makes the population happy, has various public services Public utilities, including public transportation, and more importantly, manage traffic without any problems) Anyway, let's help each other and encourage me to succeed, hahahahaha.

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Map: Windfield (Parklife DLC)

Used Graphic Mods:
- LUT Relight Cool
- Ultimate Eye Candy
- Clouds and Fog Toggler
- Shadow Strength Adjuster
- Sharp Textures
- No Radioactive Desert And More
- Sun Shafts
- Cinematic Camera Extended

Main Installed DLCs:
- After Dark
- Mass Transit
- Green Cities
- Parklife
- Industries
- Sunset Harbor

This serie was inspired by T4rget Gaming's 'Design and Manage' Cities: Skylines series, you're such an amazing guy. Thanks a lot for your creativity that push me to do this series in my own way. :-)


Used Music:
- 'E.R.F' and 'Hip Jazz' (from www.bensound.com)
- 'Aukio' and 'Main Theme' (from Cities Skylines Original Game Soundtrack)
- The Classical Radio (from Cities Skylines Original Game Soundtrack)