Dyson PH01. Humidifier air purifier Dyson PH01. Dyson humidifier. Dyson cleaner. Climatic complex Dyson PH-01.

Hello everyone!
We recorded a video on the Dyson PH01 climate complex, which we were asked about for a very, very long time and for a long time. The device is visually very interesting, unlike anything else. In this video, we look at the internal component of the device, how it works, etc. In short, we tried to convey everything that you need to know when looking closely at the purchase of this device as simply and clearly as possible.

00:00 - introduction
00:48 - technical implementation
01:58 - the main elements of the device
05:45 - moisturizing element
09:02 - UV treatment of water
09:51 - device control
10:57 - summary

Nice, impeccable design. In my personal opinion, the direct characteristics of the device leave much to be desired - the humidification performance and the amount of air pumped through the filters m3 per hour. The quality of the plastic (its thickness) could also be higher. Technically, the device is very interesting, but it will cope with its main task in a very small area.

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