Rejuvenate your mind and body and bring out the positive energy with our meditative piano music.

I am a composer/audio instructor, and I have been experimenting with music, trying to find the right tonality of instruments which can help the body and mind heal spiritually and emotionally.
The right timbre and the healing frequencies are what I focus on while composing my music to make your body and mind feel better.
If you are looking for music to enhance your meditation or simply to elate your emotions, this is the right place for you. Just close your eyes and delve into this transformational journey with me and let us all make this world a better place.

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Music For Sleep​

Music For Relaxation​

Uplifting Music​

Music For Hope​

Peaceful Morning Melody​

Music For Enlightenment​

Emotional Healing Music​

Benzo Recovery Music​

Soothing Soul Music​

Inner Dimension Music​

Overcome Loneliness​

Music For Self Love​

Overcome Depression​

Clear Subconscious negativity​

Attract Abundance And Prosperity​

Release Inner Conflict​

Meet Your Spirit Guide​

Tesla 369 Code Healing Music​

Aura Cleansing Music​

Music For Stress Relief​

Music For Calmness​

Inner Peace And Balance​

Manifest Your Dreams​

Music For Creativity​

Raise Your Vibrations​

Music For Strength And Grounding​

Brain Stimulation Music​

Music For Forgiveness​

Sentimental Piano Music​

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Music​

Music For PTSD​

Overcome Creative Block​

Romantic Piano Music​

Alter Your Mood​

Find Your True Self​

Revive A dying Relationship​

Revisit Your Memories​

Overcome Health Worries​

Music For Artists​

Heal Your Soul​

Self Compassion Music​

Believe In Yourself​

Self Realisation Music​

Calming Piano Music​

Overcome Fear​

Music For Positive Thinking​


Channel Art: Cristina Gottardi 
Video image: Lucas George Wendt

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