Today, Gamestop stock SKYROCKETED! Is gamestop stock a good buy right now or should you avoid GME Stock at all costs?

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In today's video I wanted to talk about Gamestop Stock. GME Stock has increased by almost 200% in the past 2 months and it just jumped today after news that Gamestop stock partnered with Microsoft Stock. In this video I talk about why GME Stock has increased by so much in the past couple of months and if gamestop stock is a buy right now. Right now, there's a very good chance of a gamestop stock short squeeze and I think that's the most interesintg part of GME Stock. The recent gamestop stock news has put GME Stock back onto people's radars and I wanted to give my opinions on gamestop stock. Thanks for watching and I appreciate all the support. Let me know what you think of Gamestop stock and if you think it's time to buy gamestop stock. Is GME Stock a buy? We talk about it today.