Ideanomics, ticker symbol IDEX has been making a lot of headlines as of lately after obtaining a stake in Solectrac, an electric tractor company, but Ideanomics is involved in so much more. 

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There are a lot of investors that believe this could be a great long term EV play with an entry point right now at penny stock levels. Making it easy to believe that you could realistically 20-30x your money over the next few years.

SOLO just felt it over the past month. SOLO went from the 2’s at the beginning of November up to over $12 in less than 3 weeks.

There are other companies besides Solectrac in which Ideanomics is vested in that could be industry disruptors.

Ideanomics is a global company that facilitates the adoption of commercial electric vehicles and supports next-generation financial services and fintech products.

The electric vehicle division, Mobile Energy Global  provides group purchasing discounts on commercial electric vehicles, EV batteries and electricity, as well as financing and charging solutions. 

The Fintech side is Ideanomics Capital and it provides intelligent and innovative services for the fintech industry.

The first company under the EV side is Medici Motor Works. Medici  provides fleet operators with trucks and buses utilizing battery electric vehicles (for short haul) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle s(for long haul) This will include autonomous driving which have proven safe, reliable, and efficient in closed-circuit environments such as mines, airports, steel mills and municipalities where route patterns are predetermined. 

Mobile Energy Group is next. They assist fleet operators with finding their car of choice, helping finance that fleet, and selling them energy on a pre-paid and wholesale basis. Throughout this entire process Mobile Energy Group is earning fees on each level. Mobile Energy is a one stop shop for companies looking to purchase a fleet of EV’s. It’s like a global EV car lot for businesses. However it is primarily addressing the Chinese market.

Next is Treelktrik. It is addressing the electric scooter demand in Malaysia and in the Asian Markets. Scooters and dirt bikes are popular modes of transportation, because of such densely populated areas. The amount of pedestrian traffic makes it difficult for a car to navigate it. The amount of pollution is also an area of concern because of that density making EV a priority in a lot of these places. 

The big news as of recent is the Solectrac and will also fall under this division.  Solectrac, an all electric tractor company and first of its kind. The CEO, Stephen Heckeroths spent 4 decades creating electric vehicles and homes powered by solar energy. He said it didn’t take him long to realize the weight of electric batteries were too heavy for cars but could be used for tractors. 

In 2017 Heckeroths tractors were tested by the University of Nebraska tractor test laboratory. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. They performed so well; Dr. Roger Hoy called them the future of agriculture.

Right now the biggest hurdle is cost with a solectrac tractors costing a third more of the big dog tractors like John Deere.

 we will start with Timios Holding Corporation. Timios is the Greek word for “honest,” This online platform provides an unparalleled real estate transaction experience for buyers, sellers, and professionals. Everything under one app. 

With over 330,000 transactions and $51 billion in total closings. This approach has made Timios one of the fastest-growing title and settlement services companies in America. Everything else is becoming more convenient and done by phone, why not real estate transactions. 

Next under the fintech division is Delaware Board of Trade or DBOT. This is an online brokerage that will focus 
Small and microcap U.S. based companies around the 20-50 million dollar range that are not currently eligible to be listed/traded on the national exchanges.
And Internationally based companies that are listed on a recognized foreign exchange that meet SEC standards.

Lastly in the division is Intelligenta. This is an AI and machine learning solutions for financial institutions and regulators. This will provide Pre-approval analysis and risk assessment, credit rating, related party analysis and post-credit risk alerts. Compliance monitoring for public companies and private equity funds, fraud monitoring in capital markets, enterprise rating and risk assessment.

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