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My first 400cc speedrun ►​

We are playing Mario Kart Wii at 9x Speed while running CTGP with 200cc. The goal was to defeat my previous 99,999cc speedrun record of 54:58.

Thanks to @Zachruff for making the speed modifier and to MrBean35000vr as always for CTGP/200cc!

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About TWD98:
Hello! Welcome to my channel where I upload various types of Mario Kart content for everyone to enjoy! I've been a big Nintendo fan all my life and on this channel along with Mario Kart Wii, you'll find Mario games, like Mario Maker, as well as various other racing games. I love trying out new challenges and finding new shortcuts.

99,999cc Mario Kart Wii Speedrun All 32 Tracks SUB 54!​