Item 3 Zap
Broadcast every Sunday at 1:00 PM on Channel 3

The most delicious in the three worlds !!
"Kim" actually slapped, "James" was actually kissing

     Zap really, the hero Tee Hot James Mar with 3 girls Kimberly, Namcha-Chiranut and Ai-Kamonet reveals the hottest behind the scenes of the drama. "Just this man is not a magician," especially Love Scene, with the heroine Kimberly that James spoke to, clearly blushed. "This story has a lot of love scenes I actually gave Kim a slap. Because I think it shouldn't hurt just numb Some scenes hit a tenth! But the love scene, I actually kissed it. ”This event“ 3 Saab ”had a love scene of both of them for Mak-Prin! Fans watch each other before anyone else, don't miss this Sunday afternoon on Channel 3.

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