Hello everyone!

In this video, we answer the question of what is better to choose - a humidifier or an air washer. Elementary, even at the moment of acquaintance with humidifiers, everyone has a lot of questions, about the same white bloom, the specifics of work, and so on. In this video, we talk about each type of humidifier, what are their advantages and what features of work.

What will you take out after watching the video:
you will have a good command of the situation and understanding of the principle of operation of any type of humidifier, you will understand what is better and what is worse.

Text version (extended, read on our website) - https://goo.gl/7RGvnr

On air:
ultrasonic humidifiers
steam humidifiers (sterile steam)
traditional humidifiers
air washers

Ultrasonic humidifiers from the video:
Ballu UHB-185 - https://goo.gl/19GFpJ
Electrolux Yoga Healthline - https://goo.gl/RRvgUh
Boneco U350 - https://goo.gl/w4ABvL

Steam humidifier from video:
Boneco S250 - https://goo.gl/nEfEkM

Air washers from the video (including those mentioned):
Electrolux 6515 - https://goo.gl/Mq7ZAg
Boneco W200 - https://goo.gl/sJL7cf
Boneco W1355 - https://goo.gl/GSCFSu

Climatic complex (solution for areas under 100 m2):
Boneco H680 - https://goo.gl/iKKGYz