(Twilight Saga, "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten) Bella's fight song. You did not misread the title. I love all the other YA heroines, especially Hermione, just look at all my other videos, but I'm getting tired of all the anti-Bella comments out there. In The Twilight Saga, she went through different experiences than her fictional peers. Comparison and theory only go so far; if you're going to judge, you need perspective. Bella's strength may not manifest in the same way as that of the others, but that does not mean it is nonexistent. Bella gave herself up to James when she thought she could trade her life for her mother's. Bella arranged an entirely new life for her child and was ready to send her away while she died trying to buy her time. Are those the acts of a weak young woman? 
"Fight Song" by Rachel Platten. 
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