Can Luigi win by doing absolutely nothing in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury? Can Mario literally and figuratively carry his brother Luigi, making Luigi get enough points to win in every level while Luigi has no controller inputs?
1. Luigi must have the MOST POINTS for every level!
2. No controller inputs are allowed for Luigi
3. Everything else is allowed (dying, bubbles, etc), as long as Luigi has no controller inputs and Luigi has the most points at the end of the level
Mario can carry Luigi, push Luigi by walking into him, or Mario can leave Luigi behind and ignore him, as long as Luigi wins in the end by doing absolutely nothing. Mario will have to throw Mario onto enemies, into power-ups, into coins, and into the top of the goal pole to ensure that Luigi has more points than Mario in every Super Mario 3D World level!
Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing is a meme that's been around for over 11 years, and it started with Mario Party gameplay where Luigi won some Mario Party minigames by doing absolutely nothing with no controller inputs. Since then, the same has been done with Luigi for other Mario Party games, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros!
I've also made a custom level of Super Mario 3D World where Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing, using clear pipes, dash panels, and warp boxes! -
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Intro/ challenge rules - 0:00
Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing history - 0:29
Super Bell Hill (World 1-1) - 0:48
First green star - 2:14
Second green star - 2:40
Stamp - 2:53
Third green star - 3:30
Super Bell Hill points - 4:20
Koopa Troopa Cave (World 1-2) - 4:42
First green star - 5:32
Second green star - 5:54
Stamp - 6:35
Third green star - 7:00
Koopa Troopa Cave points - 7:40
Chargin' Chuck Blockade (World 1-A) - 8:04
Mount Beanpole (World 1-3) - 8:50
First green star - 9:23
Stamp - 9:50
Second green star - 10:25
Third green star - 12:16
Mount Beanpole points - 13:43
Plessie's Plunging Falls (World 1-4) - 14:00
Plessie's Plunging Falls points - 15:26
Switch Scramble Circus (World 1-5) - 15:36
First green star - 16:50
Second green star - 18:12
Third green star - 18:49
Stamp - 19:10
Switch Scramble Circus points - 19:23
Captain Toad Goes Forth (World 1 Captain Toad level) - 19:32
Completing Captain Toad level - 20:17
Captain Toad level points - 23:45
Bowser's Highway Showdown (World 1-Castle) - 24:07
First green star - 24:20
Stamp - 25:15
Second green star - 26:20
Third green star - 26:55
Bowser Boss fight - 28:03
Bowser's Highway Showdown points - 29:30
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