If right here is like this .. Probably more fun
If this system is still like the old part ... So beautiful
Must admit that Probably not any game is perfect and we like it all. This level is fun to play. The next stage might be extremely boring, this system that he says is good. When we came to play it, it felt so indifferent that it caused many times when we were playing a game. Will immediately flare up in us that If this game is like this, it must be more fun, but how many people will there be? Frustrated until he felt that he had to get up to do something If the game creator doesn't do it ... don't need it! I'll manage to make my own dream game. There really are people like this.
... Let's watch the story of all 9 games yourself!

Time Index
0:00 Invader Studio: the creator, the inspiration
3:12 Half-Life rebuild .. must be beautiful like this.
5:49 Revive super dead-max in GoldenEye.
8:21 Super Mario 64 .. online
10:49 Pokemon Uranium
12:34 AM2R the owner doesn't do it .. Game fan made!
15:10 Installation 01 to the beginning of Halo
17:46 Organ Trail, a zombie game to retrace the past
20:54 The blue hedgehog that game fans miss Sonic After the Sequel.
22:42 Awaken the legend of Morrowind

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