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Do not repeat anything from this video, all scenes in this video (even those with real people) are entirely fictional and were created through video edits, I would like to emphasize that we are totally against any kind of prejudice, child abuse and other practices of violence, everything done here is for the purpose of entertaining the audience. Thank you for your understanding!

Songs used in the video:
0:27 - summertime sadness forró
0:44 - Just call me English version
1:05 - halsey without me forró
1:51 - blinding lights the weeknd forró
1:59 - sweater weather forró
2:38 - Buttercup
3:07 - Just call me English version
3:25 - summertime sadness forró
4:38 - halsey without me remix
4:55 - Just call me English version
8:21 - Samba remix major lazer

Music of the end of the video: Buttercup nego bam

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