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Official Soundtrack For Twilight:
OFFICIAL track listings:

1. Muse — Supermassive Black Hole 
2. Paramore — Decode 
3. The Black Ghosts — Full Moon 
4. Linkin Park — Leave Out All The Rest 
5. MuteMath — Spotlight (Twilight Mix) 
6. Perry Farrell — Go All The Way (Into The Twilight) 
7. Collective Soul — Tremble For My Beloved 
8. Paramore — I Caught Myself 
9. Blue Foundation — Eyes On Fire 
10. Rob Pattinson — Never Think 
11. Iron & Wine — Flightless Bird, American Mouth 
12. Carter Burwell — Bella's Lullaby
MP3 Download Link:

Sheet Music Link:
Many people have read the Twilight series and have wonder what Edward's lullaby to Bella was. I hope this gives you a better understanding of the book and that you also like it. :)

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