1) This is far from disappointing, this barber just left this man traumatized 
2) When you and your bestie can communicate without speaking 
3) Pretty simple indeed ... for a real artist that is 
4) After this prank , I guess you could say she needs to chill out foreal 
5) Imagine this was real ... who’s voice would you wanna sing like 
6) I just tried this with my neighbors and it actually worked . Go and see for yourself 
7) When entertainment meets with reality 
8) This guy surprises his girl ... just not in the way she wanted to be 
9) When you tell her to give you all her love ...but then you’re reminded on how much love hurts 
10) She thinks he’s gonna teach her something useful... let’s wait and find out 
11) When a harmless pillow fight with your wife turns into an opportunity to release some pent up stress 
12) This judge just couldn’t help himself 
13) Mothers who come after you while laughing are most the scariest 
14) This boy lets his emotions take control in this performance

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