ARK Invest's Cathie Wood has seen a huge inflow of money into her funds recently and particularly into the ARKK ETF. So in my video “ARK Invest ETF Review”  I not only look at the pros and cons of investing in an ARK ETF but also for those of you that live in the UK and other countries where you can't invest directly in ARK Funds I show you an ARKK alternative and how to create your own ARKK portfolio by investing in just a few individual stocks. 

If you want to watch the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Review I mention in the video the link to it is here​

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00:00​ Introduction 
01:11​ Overview
02:23​ Returns 
04:13​ Flows
06:08​ ARKK themes, stock returns, weighting & risk
10:00​ ARKG themes
11:10​ ARKW themes
12:25​ ARKF  themes
13:10​ Tesla
17:45​ Problems
20:10​ British ARK?
23:10​ Build Your Own ARKK
24:45​ Conclusion

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