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"The Glamorous Time Between You and Me"
Director: Zhang Feng, Yu Zhonghe
Starring: Zhao Liying, Jin Han, Yu Haoming, Cao Xiwen, Meng Rui, Lin Yuan, Zhang Junning, Liu Fanfei
Number of episodes: 50 episodes

Because the family business encountered a difficult business situation, Li Zhicheng was ordered to become the head of a company, and therefore met Lin Qian, an urban white-collar worker who had just left school and hit a wall in his business. Lin Qian is a very upright and kind-hearted woman. With her career experience and ideal pursuit, she has given Li Zhicheng a lot of help. Li Zhicheng used his own wisdom and unique methods in the actual operation of the company, and he has brought the company back to life, and step by step to glory...

#赵丽颖​ #金瀚​ #The time between you and me​

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