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A collection of bulletproof songs that comfort when sleeping/studying/when you are having a hard time
BTS SOFT PLAYLIST for relaxing, studying or sleep
Just pick some really really SOFT songs of them.
Hope you get some rest & have a SWEET NIGHT ♡
Calm bulletproof songs gathered
Listen gently and take a breath
Have a good night ♡

Designed by United Nations U&
Arranged by UN U&

You can share it with URL and credit.
But please don't copy or re-upload it.
Thank you so much.
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I hope all ARMYs are happy and don't get sick anymore!!!
00:00​/00:01 Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix)
03:58​ I Need U (Urban Mix)
07:31​ Winter Bear
10:26 The Truth Untold
14:31​ Jamais Vu
18:17​ Blue Side
19:44​ Butterfly (Prologue Mix)
24:33​ Tonight
27:27​ Hug Me (Cover)
31:31​ Louder than Bombs
35:10​ four o'clock (4 O'clock)
38:58​ Reflection
42:58​ Promise
45:22​ 2U (Cover)
49:11​ Run (Ballad Mix)
53:22​ Scenery
58:11​ Then we can break up (Only Then) (Cover)
1:02:20​ Tokyo
1:05:41​ Sweet Night (Itaewon Class OST)
1:09:10​ We are Bulletproof: the Eternal
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