The life of an orphan like "My" had to endure the persecution of the daughter and her friends at school. Until the end, she decided to end her life to escape the pain, but Miraculously survived. Mai revived and lost all his memories. And found that she is now a "Min", a young woman who looks like her like a twins. But living a life that is different from the original Myriad of things almost everything Living as a min So My meets "Natee", a young swimmer who is a close friend of Min and "Kan", a handsome guy at the school To help her find the memories that were lost

But the truth made her more painful than she had ever seen.
Upon discovering her true self ...

Thipnaree Weerawatnodom, played by My / Min
Chris Peerawat Saengphirat plays Natee
K. Lert Sitthichai plays the role of Kan
Jan Ploychompoo Supasap plays a daughter

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