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Today Carter Sharer and Lizzy Sharer and friends take on the Last to Leave the Roof Wins $10,000 grand prize challenge!! This 10000 dollar challenge pitted Carter, Liz, Hunter, and Stove (Stove's Kitchen) against each other in a single elimination match. Each contestant needed to see who could last the longest while stranded on the roof. They had to do whatever they could to find food, water, supplies, and shelter to make it through. It even started to storm and rain. Who do YOU think will be the winner of this last to leave challenge? Who will take home the $10,000 dollar cash prize by being the final contestant on the roof!! Comment #Money and #LastToLeave with who you think should win the epic grand prize of ten thousand dollars cash.
CATCH THE BIGGEST FISH WIN $10,000 https://youtu.be/gNqKu80wxLM
WALK ON WATER AND WIN $10,000 (Carter vs Liz) https://youtu.be/tD8GU0iTsR4
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