Jazz bossa nova with TWO hours of jazz bossa and jazz bossa nova happy cafe playlist. This original jazz bossa nova, jazz bossa and jazz bossa nova happy cafe playlist collection is a musical expression of love for tropic shores and natural surroundings. Perfect for lunch or dinner parties or just chilling out.  Please download these songs at Reverbnation link of: http://www.reverbnation.com/lewisluon...

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Featured in this jazz bossa nova, jazz bossa and jazz bossa nova happy cafe playlist are:

Track 1:  A eternidade do tempo - Eternity of time (starts at 00:00)
Track 2:  Um outro lugar - Another place (starts at 7:44)
Track 3:  Que saudade (starts at 13:22)
Track 4:  Margens do paraíso - Paradise Shores (starts at 19:01)
Track 5:  Para sempre com Larissa - Forever with Larissa (starts at 41:50)
Track 6:  O sol de Jericoacoara - Sunshine of Jericoacoara (starts at 47:53)
Track 7:  Esplendor da eternidade - Halos of Eternity (starts at 53:43)
Track 8:  Terno amor - Tender love - Extended (starts at 56:44)

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