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Come back, this time bigger than ever! Prepare to meet the return of the grand singing contest stage. This time, it is full of exponential fun that has been full since the first round, The Golden Song, the music stage because Season 3 is fun at the power of the 3 stages of the beautiful golden song that you miss. With more competition intensity Allowing you to appreciate the song because of each other in full !!
The board
* Mom Suda rejoices
* Joe Sutisak
* Suwanan frog
* Gun Naphat
Music Director
* One universe
* Kitti salt
* Chris Pirawat

Find happiness, fun, grandeur, raising the power 3 on the stage of the Golden Song.
The Golden Song, the music stage for raising the power of 3 every Sunday at 18:00 on # Channel 31 # Press number 31

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