Funny Mario Shorts Compilation 2. Here’s the 2nd compilation of some of my funny Mario shorts and funny Mario animations. N-joy the randomness!
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► The Videos
0:00​ Among Us BUT With Mario Characters​
0:23​ Luigi BECOMES Mario​
0:49​ Mario and Luigi get into a Fight​
1:09​ Bowser Tries Kidnap Daisy​
1:30​ Mario walks in on Luigi​
1:47​ Bowser walks in on Mario and Luigi​
2:07​ If Shy Gal was in Paper Mario Color Splash​
2:34​ Mario KIDNAPS Paper Peach​
2:58​ Luigi Meets Paper Luigi​
3:19​ Bowser INFILTRATES Peach’s Bathroom​
3:54​ When Mario Is A Tire​
4:14​ Mario Sees Paper Peach Take A Shower​
4:34​ Mario Meets Minecraft Steve​
5:00​ Waluigi SNEAKS Into Smash Bros​
5:21​ Luigi and Daisy SWITCH OUTFITS​
5:40​ Mario and Peach Switch Outfits AGAIN​
6:04​ Princess Peach Gets A Twin​
6:44​ Mario BUT the Roles are REVERSED​
7:04​ If You Watch This Video, You Will Take The L​
7:11​ Peach Meets Pink Gold Peach​
7:32​ Super Peach Sisters​

► Compilation Credits
Title Screen Music - Super Mario 64 Level Start
Outro Music - Classique - YouTube Audio Library 
Videos created by me aka Gabasonian

*Full credits are in each respective videos’ descriptions above

Hi, I’m Gabasonian. I’m a former DeviantArtist who has transitioned into YouTube. Back on DeviantArt I enjoyed making video game comics and fanart over my favorite Nintendo games, like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros. On YouTube, I make various videos over the aforementioned Nintendo franchises. This is the 2nd compilation of all the “funny” Mario shorts/Mario animations I have made so far. N-joy the randomness!

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