BEYOND THE BATTLE | SEASON 2 - EXERCISE 10 FULL HD | Hua Minh Dat, Long Nhat came face-to-face because of Huu Tin's play
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Informed (Green Team): Huu Tin, Le Nhan, Tuan Kiet, Thien Tung
Faster than turtles (Golden Team): Trung Dw, Long Nhat, Hua Minh Dat, Thu Le
MC: Dai Nghia & Lan Phuong

BLOCK OUT was developed from a popular game by the popular Japanese entertainment TV show PHARAOH. The show 'BLOCK OUT' was co-created by the creative team of NIPPON TV (Japan) and one of Europe's leading entertainment media groups, RED ARROW STUDIOS to meet the increasing demand for viewing. of the television audience.
BEYOND BATTLE is not just a movement game, but requires players to be smart, quick, a spirit of steel and a resilient bravery. Players must stand crouched and climb into a wall block of 3m high (with a stand that only fits the foot), while answering the program's 'brain twisting' conundrums while dealing with the always-out walls push players into the hole 3m deep in front of you.
The most unique feature of the program is that the 240 wall blocks are fully automatically controlled by a sophisticated mechanical drive system, exclusively designed for the program. The 240 blocks are algorithmically programmed by experts from Japan and Thailand to make the blocks pop out in different shapes to make it difficult for players with fun 'difficult' poses when they have to bend their legs. , turning his head, curled up ... on the wall.